What is Network Spinal Analysis?

NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) is an evidence-based approach to wellness and body awareness with years of research backing its efficacy.

Unlike traditional chiropractic techniques, which involve twisting or cracking of the spine to temporarily mitigate pain, NSA instead incorporates gentle, precise pressure on key areas of the spine.

The intention is to retrain and reorganize the spine and nervous system from within to heal the root of the problem – physical, emotional and/or mental tension, trauma or stress.

NSA “reboots” the brain, allowing it space to rewrite existing pathway blockages or tensions, which in turn creates a healthier body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of NSA

Clearing the path so you can be your best self

Patients of the NSA method experience their body and mind in new and exciting ways. NSA opens pathways in the brain allowing it to:

  • Dissipate physical tension from the spine and nerves
  • Adapt to stress more easily
  • Make healthier life choices
  • Become more self-aware: build up self-reliance and a stronger self-correcting attitude
  • Experience a greater overall well-being and create greater experiences of connection
  • Connect with the body’s natural rhythms
  • Experience the world in new ways

These open pathways make it possible for patients to effortlessly make healthier choices and develop a more conscious perspective on life.