Your Journey toward Health and Wellness

Trauma and dis-ease are not always easy to spot, especially within ourselves. Even when we do understand that we need help, the road to healing is often much more difficult than we anticipated. This makes the journey toward personal health and wellness an intricate process, and one that cannot be rushed.

Dr. Rasta’s Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

In order to achieve holistic wellness, it’s crucial to examine every part of the individual’s health including:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • mental
  • spiritual

By focusing on every aspect of health, Dr. Rasta is able to naturally uncover the stumbling blocks that hinder an individual from maximizing their potential and living out their best life.

Discovering and Maintaining Abundant Health

In Dr. Rasta’s practice, each individual begins their journey with a two-phase process:

  1. Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-respiratory Integration: This powerful phase is a guided practice, expanding self-awareness, energy and consciousness.
  2. Functional Wellness: Through personalized nutrition plans, supplementation and brain wave optimization, this phase addresses physiology with a focus on biochemical pathways.

Creating Healthy Outcomes Begins with Healthy Choices

Too often, we see people fall away from their health and wellness goals. The reason is all too simple: a lack of self-awareness. Self-awareness is our quiet little motivator, cheering us on when we decide to take the stairs versus the elevator, or the nagging little voice when we’re looking at that last slice of chocolate cake in the fridge at 11 p.m.

Making healthy choices begins with being aware of their effect on us. Mindful grocery shopping, meal preparation and exercise require a great deal of self-awareness to make time and keep making time for them in order to create healthy outcomes that will last for a lifetime.

Self-Awareness is Key

When an individual is self-aware, they will stay motivated to make healthy choices, and stick to those healthy choices.

Dr. Rasta’s techniques expand the patient’s self-awareness, which in turn, equips them with the proper tools to sustain their personal health and wellness practices.

Once the person has developed such awareness, making healthy choices becomes effortless, and at this stage Dr. Rasta takes clients through the Functional Medicine program to give them personalized guidance in the best way forward.


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