What Is NeuroStructural Dysfunction?

Our brain is constantly assessing the world around us in order to answer one question:

“Am I safe?”

If at any moment the brain determines you are in danger, your body gets locked into a defense physiology. This begins with our brain telling our glands to release peptides to stimulate your sympathetic nervous system (flight/fight) .

As a result of activation of the fight/flight mode , blood sugar and blood pressure elevate, pulse increases, metabolism slows down, immunity diminishes, and the body takes on a defensive posture.

In this state:

  • communication between brain and body is disrupted;
  • our muscles tense up causing headache, neck pain and back pain;
  • and our hormones (adrenalin, cortisol, and insulin) are disrupted creating mood swings, irritability and anxiety.

Staying in this state for too long can lead to brain fog and chronic fatigue.

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Simple negative thoughts and emotions are enough to lead our minds and bodies into this stressful defense physiology, including experiences or memories of:

  • emotional trauma
  • abuse
  • physical trauma
  • work-related stress
  • relationship issues
  • and overuse of drugs/medications

What was once a survival mechanism, becomes a hindrance to our life, causing us to become combative or anxious and avoid or disconnect from our own lives. When we get stuck in this mode of being due to past stresses or traumas the dysfunction negatively impacts our body and mind, which is why – for the best results – the person’s structure, nerve function, and emotional well-being need to be addressed holistically.