If you suffer from being restless a lot of the time, you are easily wound up or fatigued, you feel worried a lot, or you have difficulty falling asleep, then you may be suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is a very common type of mental disorder and can be treated in various different ways. However, you may have not known that the excessive brain stimulation caused by anxiety actually comes from the spine. Stress and/or trauma can cause parts of the spine to become dysfunctional, creating a fight or flight reaction. The outcome of this defense ultimately prevents the relaxation that the body needs, which creates the feeling of being anxious.

Common symptoms of anxiety

  • Emotions running high
  • Racing thoughts
  • Chest pain
  • Panic attacks
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Heart palpitations

If you suffer from these symptoms on a regular basis, then you probably need to be treated for your anxiety so that these symptoms can diminish and so that your quality of life will increase. There are ways to make anxiety feel less daunting by taking medications, going to therapy, working out or doing yoga, etc. However, the real underlying issue is that your brain and body are not properly communicating, so that issue needs a permanent fix by receiving regular treatment to get to the root of the issue. The use of medications and/or exercise will only provide an individual with slow progress and relapses are common as well.

If you choose us for your anxiety treatment, Dr. Rasta can correct the underlying neurostructural dysfunction that is causing your anxiety by working with your spine and nervous system. If you have any further questions regarding the information provided here, how we can help with your anxiety, the services we offer, our prices, or any other general questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!