Vibro Acoustic Therapy

Decades ago, Dr. Tony Wigram published one of the first studies of the effects of vibro-acoustic therapy on patients with many conditions for his Ph.D. thesis. It is still considered one of the most comprehensive reports on the subject and is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the topic.

There are also numerous studies reported by Olav Skille, the Norwegian credited with being the grandfather of modern vibro-acoustics.

Latest published research

According to the latest published research, hope for Fibromyalgia Patients Comes from VAT. In this recent study from Canada, low-frequency sound therapy (also known as VAT) showed no adverse effects and patients receiving the LFSS treatment (low-frequency sounds stimulation) showed statistically and clinically relevant improvement. Further phase two (2) and phase three (3) trials are warranted.

Moreover, patients suffering from dementias that involve a progressive deterioration of memory functioning mood disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), may benefit from the treatment as well. Although the mechanisms of neuronal degeneration in AD are not clear, several investigators have reported an increase in AD patients’ self-expression following music therapy. This study examined the effect of low-frequency vibratory sound on neurite outgrowth and showed that low-frequency vibratory sounds of 20-100 Hz enhanced neurite outgrowth.