Dr. Tara Rasta

Functional Wellness &
Chiropractic Services in Anaheim, CA

Your Journey Toward Health and Wellness

Located in Anaheim, CA

Trauma and “dis-ease” are not always easy to spot, especially within ourselves. Even when we do understand that we need help, the road to healing is often much more difficult than we anticipated. This makes the journey toward personal health and wellness an intricate process, and one that cannot be rushed.

Network Spinal
Analysis - NSA

Specific, low force touches to the spine that assists the nervous system, brain, and body to develop new strategies which promote health and healing.

Body Contouring

Reduce wrinkles, improve skin tightness and elasticity, and cellulite. Boost areas such as face, chin, upper arm, abdomen, thighs, bra line, or buttocks.

Beauty Services
by Pearl

A range of beauty services to fit your needs such as Facials, Ayurvedic Touch, Waxing, Eyebrow Design, Threading …

Somato Respiratory
Integration (SRI)

SRI exercise reverses the process of defense physiology, spinal distortion and the disconnection that hinders the progression in chiropractic care.

Functional Wellness

Integrates your unique bio-chemical pathways, health history, and emotional profile to design a customized strategy to achieve and sustain optimal health.

Vibro Acoustic

Using low frequency sounds vibrations to “massage” deep parts of the body, this therapy could help patients with neurological diseases.

Pulse Electromagnetic

EMF, biofeedback, and brain wave optimization for circulation and enhances blood flow. Helps with fatigue, numbness, and tingling of extremities.

Sunlighten Infared

A Detox sauna promotes a deep, healthy, and natural detoxifying sweat. Strengthens the body’s immune system and helps the body’s biochemical processes function efficiently.


Very harmonious!

I am having an excellent experience with Dr. Rasta. I see such an improvement on my physical health and strength in the last six weeks as an injured overweight woman. My body is moving in ways I did not ever imagine. I sleep through the night without pain. Dr. Rasta connects with you in such a gentle way. She cares about you as a human being and your progress. The peace you feel upon entering the medical office is like none I have ever experience.

~Emelia C

Now I’m back on track to get my health back.

When I got introduced to Dr Tara I came to her with a mountain of issues. We began treatment with one thing at a time and I still have a long way to go but we have been able to take care of the main issue I was having.

~Francisco C

Dr Tara Rasta is like no other chiropractor I have ever been to

I have experienced other chiropractic treatments for about 30 years and she is by far the best. She is gentle and effective in her approach. Dr Tara is caring and listens to me and my body. I have had a couple of treatments and I feel like my body has healed in ways I wasn’t aware of possible. I am looking forward to future treatments and finding out how healthy my body can become. Thank you Dr Tara!

~Rafael L

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