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Hi, I’m Dr Tara Rasta

I Offer Functional Wellness to all patients using Network Chiropractic, Nutrition, Detox and Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy.



Somato-Respiratory Integration

We wear our stress response in our bodies as defense postures. These structural distortions, tension patterns and subluxations are a testimony to, and physical anchor…
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Vibro Acoustic Therapy

Decades ago, Dr. Tony Wigram published one of the first studies of the effects of vibro-acoustic therapy on patients with many conditions for his Ph.D.…
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Practice Member

Dear Practice Member, Welcome to our office and thank you for considering us in your quest for optimal health. It is our pleasure to walk…
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Our Approach

UNLOCK YOUR HEALING POTENTIAL Your Healing Journey Starts Today Dr. Tara Rasta combines Network Spinal Analysis (incorporating somato-respiratory techniques) and Functional Medicine to help you…
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NSA, Network Spinal Analysis

What is NSA (Network Spinal Analysis)? NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) is a unique approach to chiropractic care that uses specific, low force touches to the…
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Most of brain stimulation comes from the spine. If stress or trauma cause a dysfunction of your spinal segments, it sends an alert to the…
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