It’s Time to Live Your Best Life!

Life is a series of events, sometimes desirable and other times, a little gloomy. When one stresses upon the gloomy parts, it affects the overall well-being. As a result physical symptoms such as pain may appear. The pain can pull us into unhealthy behaviors, thinking patterns, and choices that can become hurdles that drain our energy as we strive to live our best life.

Yet, if we look at the brighter parts, we can train our mind and body to live the life we desire. There is a solution; a reset that will enable your mind and body to build healthy new pathways of thinking and living. You can learn how to shape your thoughts to match your goals and eventually live the life you truly desire. Schedule your appointment today for a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Rasta to find out how network spinal analysis can benefit you.

Comprehensive Approach to Health

By addressing the whole person rather than focusing only on the ailment, Dr. Rasta holistically supports the body and mind to build healthy, new biological pathways. She does so by combining Functional Medicine and Network Spinal Analysis.

Dr. Rasta takes the whole person into account by addressing the physical, mental, spiritual and social spheres of life. From healing waves, to personalized meal plans, to group sessions, this comprehensive approach to health creates a culture of healing and support for everyone.

Network Spinal Analysis

What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Network Spinal Analysis is a unique approach to chiropractic care that uses specific, low force touches to the spine that assists the nervous system, brain, and body to develop new strategies which promote health and healing.

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“I am having an excellent experience with Dr. Rasta. I see such an improvement on my physical health and strength in the last six weeks as an injured overweight woman. My body is moving in ways I did not ever imagine. I sleep through the night without pain. Dr. Rasta connects with you in such a gentle way. She cares about you as a human being and your progress. The peace you feel upon entering the medical office is like none I have ever experience. Very harmonious!” 
Emelia Cuevas