Levels of Care – Discover • Transform • Expand

LEVEL 1: Discover – Connect & Release

Discover Care focuses on reconnecting the body and mind, increasing awareness of the body and breath, and resetting the spine and the nervous system ̶ the neuro-structure ̶ from dysfunction to proper function. Level 1 is a process of discovery, as the body and mind share information that had been blocked before. This is the foundation of Network Spinal Care. You may feel tension release effortlessly and find yourself with renewed energy. Some discomfort might arise as your body connects to areas it was previously disconnected from, or as you discover how things you once thought helped you have actually been causing you further pain. You will experience an increased awareness of your body, with an overall sense of safety inside your body and a decrease in suffering and stress levels.

LEVEL 2: Transform – Functional Wellness & Detox

Transform Care, takes healing into a deeper level by focusing on resolving the deep roots of patterns that have developed over our lifetime, such as behavioral, structural and perceptual patterns that are not working for us anymore. Rather than simply releasing tension, Program 2 is a process of transformation that uses the tension energy as “fuel” to break through dysfunctional patterns.

This program integrates a functional wellness plan that includes an analysis of your blood chemistry and an assessment of your brain and metabolic pathways. In this program you will be ready to follow a detox and nutritional plan customized to your unique needs.

LEVEL 3: Advanced – Awaken & Expand

In the Advanced Care Program, we gain true confidence in the wisdom of our body and nervous system as our baseline moves from the defensive “fight/flight” mode into a physiology supporting optimal health and present-time function. We become empowered to live more easily and consciously in the present moment ̶ even when it is challenging ̶ instead of re-creating dysfunction. We begin to experience life in a whole new way as the highest functions of our mind and spine awaken and the new patterns we just learned become our new habits and behaviors!

In Level 1 ̶ Discover Care, you may experience:

  • Changes in breathing during and between visits;
  • Changes in posture;
  • Increase in ease and discomfort;
  • Changes in spinal muscles tension and tone;
  • Greater awareness of the body, its natural rhythms and tendencies;
  • Awareness of how your body holds tension and how it releases it.

Goals of Basic Care (Level 1)

    • A: Entrain (resynchronize) normal intrinsic function of the brain and body through the spine and related structures.
    • B: Increase awareness of the spine, its tension and the ability to dissipate that tension effectively.
    • C: Develop the Spinal Respiratory Wave, healing strategy that allows the nerve system to reset from stress to safety.

In Level 2 ̶ Transform Care, you may experience:

  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone, both in your body and in your life;
  • Tension building places where your stress patterns have been rooted;
  • Retracing (re-experiencing) elements of old injuries or secondary conditions as the nervous system resolves these compensations;
  • Spontaneous movements during and after visits as these patterns release;
  • Increased awareness of how what you think, feel, do affect your body;
  • Changes in habits and behaviors that no longer serve you;
  • Resolving the need to respond to life with stress;
  • Defense and tension;
  • Release of toxins, extra weight, resolution of chronic diseases and greater sense of energy.

Goals of intermediate Care (Level 2)

    • A: Increased range of motion, adaptability, and access to accompanying emotion, at specific spinal “gateway” levels.
    • B: Develop the Network Wave, an embodied strategy to break through dysfunctional neuro-structural conditioning.
    • C: Resolve the anchors to dysfunctional neuro-structural conditioning, liberating your intrinsic capacity to optimize your function, health and choices.
    • D: Integrating a new relationship with foods and upgrading your bio-chemical pathways through nutrition and a detox plan.

In Level 3 ̶ Advanced Care, you may experience:

  • Increased awareness of subtle sensations;
  • Faster recovery from physical, emotional and mental painful and stressful events;
  • Life events trigger spontaneous movement that culminate internal spinal adjustments;
  • Full conscious participation in your physiology;
  • Increased awareness of your interconnection with all things;
  • Greater ability to take personal responsibility for the impact you have in life;
  • Clear knowing of changes you must make to support your life and those you influence;
  • Greater sense of acceptance and “be-ing” while “do-ing”.

Goals of intermediate Care (Level 3)

    • A: Expansion, development and deep stretching of the heart region coordinated with the spinal rhythms, increasing access to a sense of peace, ease and “be-ing” (parasympathetic) body and brain physiology.
    • B: Entrainment (synchronization) between the abdomen and heart region coordinated with the spine shifting the default brain and body function from fight/flight (sympathetic) to present/ease (parasympathetic) physiology.
    • C: The heart region’s rhythm entrains (leads and coordinates) the spine, maximizing our intrinsic capacity to experience and engage with life at our best level of function, presence and ability.
    • D: Feeling comfortable as the new changes have become your new normal patterns.