Personal Growth and Development

Only 2% of our brain power is rational and under our direct control. The remaining 98% is non-rational and connected to our limbic (physical-emotional) system, autonomic (survival stress response) nerve system, and our spine (which represents 90% of brain stimulation).

Our deepest challenges arise from it, and our greatest potential resources lie buried within it.

We can think and process and plan as much as we like, but we cannot access this sleeping giant from willpower alone.

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The 2% method of growth

When people try to achieve personal growth and development while relying solely on the small portion of their brain that is under their rational control, they tend to rely on methods such as: coaching, therapy, dietary changes and seminars. However, if there is a neurostructural dysfunction involved in this process, moving to the next level will seem arduous, frustrating, slow-going and may bring out secondary conditions affecting your physical and mental health.

The holistic method of personal growth

If you’ve reached a point where you don’t know how to move ahead further, where you’ve lost focus and drive, where anxiety and stress have arisen, or where your health has started to suffer as a price for progress, you’re struggling with more than simple growth.

By utilizing a holistic approach to personal growth, we involve the whole person, including brain, nervous system, and spine to create a powerhouse that is able to achieve your dreams, and resolve any secondary conditions that may have emerged while moving forward in life. Our approach also uniquely helps the nervous system better adapt to future stressors, increasing your ability to stay focused and productive under pressure as well as enjoy the full fruits of your labors.

When we get to the root of things, you have more power to achieve your dreams and live an extraordinary life.

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