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NSA entrainments can be performed on multiple patients . These unique group sessions create a socially accepting atmosphere as the group is like-minded and focused on the same goal: achieving greater health and wellness. A sense of bonding is developed as the group supports each other in their quest for wellness. In a group setting, the entrainment principle comes into play as the group can synchronize with each other’s healing rhythms. When one person is healing, it makes the transition for others easier, too.

Keep in mind, the private room is available for anyone at any time should they wish to have privacy that day.

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NSA is a form of chiropractic healing incorporating breath and body movement to relax the nervous system and help the body unwind from physical and emotional tension. Instead of adjustments, the patient receives Spinal Entrainments™ which are gentle touches to particular points along the spine, from sacrum to skull, to improve structural, behavioral and/or perceptual issues.

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