Our Approach

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Our approach to health is a kind that considers the entire system of a person as a whole and how different systems of the body interact with one another. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being within every system of the body so that everything is functioning the best way possible. We teach our practice members to accept responsibility for their own level of well-being and to make choices that help them take charge of their own health.

Our team in Anaheim, CA use network spinal as a unique technique of chiropractic that promotes wellness strategies within the nervous system and trains the nervous system to move from fight/flight into rest/digest. Breathing techniques become integrated in such a way that the person is able to utilize them at any situation that stresses them. The network spinal changes the practice member’s posture that reflects confidence, and the ability to have greater self-awareness. Throughout the program we measure the individual’s heart rate variability (HRV) that indicates their stress level. We use a thermal scan to check how their nerves are communicating with their organs, and use S-EMG to check the energy efficiency of the para-spinal muscles along the spine. These tools allow us to understand how energy efficient the body is and how we can best help our practice members’ progress on their path to wellness.

We use Functional Wellness tools such as blood chemistry, stool, food sensitivity, and DNA analysis to find the root cause of the imbalances within the chemistry of the body, and provide our practice members with protocols that will help fill the gap. Our program will help with:

  • decreasing inflammation
  • increasing immune health
  • enhancing energy levels
  • increasing quality of life

We use variety of different detoxification methods to increase circulation and sweating through PEMF & infrared sauna that will help the practice member get rid of toxicity more efficiently and gain their energy back.

We use Sound and Vibration Therapy to help optimize our practice member’s brain waves and create a deeper state of calmness so that the body can achieve a deep relaxing and calming state of being.

We believe the law of nature in that a whole person is made of interdependent parts that each need to be addressed to work together in harmony. Life cannot be sustained separately without all the parts working together as a whole. In order to help our practice members we address the physical, mental, emotional, and the spiritual parts. Every person, no matter how healthy or sick, can improve their state of well-being once they realize that they are in charge— allowing them to make different choices that will change their life.

We believe the decisions you make today revolving around your health and habits are the central factor in determining your state of wellness.

Our team in Anaheim, CA is here to help you go through this process and show you the magic you hold within.