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The purpose in sharing this statement of clinical objectives is to clearly define our approach to health, healing and those we serve in this office. We wish to clearly communicate our responsibilities in this exciting relationship.

The following concepts are central to the way in which we care for others. We are pleased to share these ideas with you, so our purpose can be in alignment from the very beginning.

• There is intelligence within each individual which not only keeps that person alive, but also coordinates repairs, renews and heals every cell of the body.

• The nervous system is the main distribution center and coordinating system for this intelligence. Proper coordination, repair, movement, healing and genetic potential cannot be fully expressed when this life power and intelligence is suppressed.

• The purpose of the entrainments given in this office are to clear the nervous system of interference, creating greater communication between your brain, body and life, thus promoting better health, vitality and sense of wellbeing. Everyone, in spite of specific symptoms or ailments, can benefit from more vitality and enhanced wellness.

• Symptoms are not necessarily a sign of illness, they can occur to alert the individual of the need for change. This is central to how we care for others. If you want to become healthier and use your symptoms to motivate change in behavior, you are in the right place!

• By their very intent, various treatments may interfere with the functioning of the nervous system. This may include drugs such as pain relievers, muscle relaxers, anti‐inflammatory compounds and mood altering medication. This can often prolong the time required for advancement in care.

• Please have a good relationship with your medical doctor. We will not venture into the practice of medicine by advising about the need for reduction of medications. We suggest you speak with your physician to determine the objectives and goals to be obtained by receiving a particular medical treatment. Determine if this is consistent with your desire for wellness at this point in time. Your physician may guide you in changing any medication or treatments you are presently utilizing to accommodate for your changing body/mind.

Consistent with the above concepts, we entrain people’s nervous systems and care for people using the techniques we believe to be the most honoring and effective.

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