Difficulty Sleeping

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Difficulty Sleeping: lack of sleep can make any day a living nightmare – nothing happens as it should, and you don’t have the energy to deal with everything going wrong. Then, you go to sleep that night feeling nothing but tired, and still sleep doesn’t come. Instead of sleeping, all you do is worried about tomorrow, which you’ll have to tackle with no sleep once again.

Sleep may seem simple, but it requires that your brain and body can both shift gears from “awake” – normal active function – into “recovery” – normal sleeping function. And that doesn’t always happen.

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Band-aid sleep solutions

Just like many problems in today’s over-medicated world, most people assume more pills are the answer, whether over-the-counter-medications or prescriptions. But if the insomnia is due to a neurostructural dysfunction, the difficulty sleeping will never disappear with medication. It will return over time to confound your efforts for a better life.

The hurdles to sleep

Neurostructural dysfunction can affect your recovery response (also known as the parasympathetic nervous system) and your brain’s ability to “turn off” (also known as Theta and Delta activity). That dysfunction can further manifest as secondary conditions such as insomnia, difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep, restless legs syndrome, or waking up exhausted from lack of restful sleep.

The real solution to sleeplessness and difficulty sleeping

We assess and correct the underlying dysfunction behind your difficulty sleeping and its secondary conditions. Our approach uniquely helps the nervous system better adapt to future stress, decreasing the body’s tendency to lose sleep in the future.

When we get to the root of things, you can resolve the challenges and live an amazing life.

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