Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain can put your life on pause – indefinitely. For many people, a lot of life is spent looking for some way to manage the pain, as healing never seems like an option.

Finding Permanent Relief From Chronic Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain | Anaheim, CA

While acute pain has a simple, traumatic cause – such as falling down the stairs and breaking your arm – and a simple fix, chronic or recurring pain has its roots in inflammation and the dysfunction of your neurostructural sub-systems. If the nervous system is stuck in fight or flight, locking your body in stress physiology, the brain cannot effectively regulate your emotions, spinal structures, and tissues. Over time, the body learns to adapt a defense posture which includes hunched shoulders, slouching, a forward-jutting neck, tightness in the jaw, and a swayback.

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The Pain of the Defense Posture

The defense posture shows up as a recurrent neck, back and shoulder pain. It also can manifest as increased pain sensitivity, increased inflammation, high muscle tension, abnormal postural patterns, unstable joints, or a lack of body awareness.

Doctors often prescribe medication, massage and physical therapy, and surgery for chronic pain. These can be effective, but if the pain is due to a neurostructural dysfunction, these are just band-aid solutions. When the band-aid falls off, the pain will recur, intensify, or show up in other areas after your treatment.

NSA for a Better Future

We assess and correct the underlying neurostructural dysfunction behind chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain and other secondary conditions. This uniquely helps the nervous system better adapt to future stress, decreasing your body’s tendency to develop future tension and pain. When we address the root cause of the problem, your body adapts new strategies to overcome the challenges of your life and you will live a higher quality of life.

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