Through gentle, precise and sequential touches to specific areas of the spine, the NSA technique promotes two unique healing waves: respiratory and somatopsychic. The result of these waves is a state of complete relaxation, spinal reorganization and an enhanced overall feeling of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

The two types of Healing Waves are:

Respiratory Healing Wave: This is a deep breathing exercise that helps to cleanse the physical body, facilitate circulation and clear the mind.

The RESPIRATORY WAVE is the first wave to develop in your body and occurs when the breath is fully present in all parts of your spine. It helps you connect more fully with your body and releases current or surface stress.

Somatopsychic Healing Wave: This is a body-mind wave eliciting spontaneous movement when the patient becomes aware of a problem area. These movements release tension and allow the brain and spine the chance to reorganize new neural pathways.

It is a highly evolved response by the nervous system, and helps bring up trauma from deep places, transforming it into energy to be used by the body to heal.

The Somatopsychic Wave serves to ‘destabilize the armor’ between different parts of yourself, helping to retrieve those parts that have been traumatized, alienated, abused or unaccepted.

The result of respiratory and somatopsychic healing waves are:

  • More vitality
  • Greater ease
  • A deeper well of resources to draw from to improve spinal health: holistic alignment, strength, resilience and awareness

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