What are the Healing Waves?

Through gentle, precise and sequential touches to specific areas of the spine, the NSA technique promotes two unique healing waves: respiratory and somatopsychic. The result of these waves is a state of complete relaxation, spinal reorganization and an enhanced overall feeling of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

The two types of Healing Waves are:

Respiratory Healing Wave: This is a deep breathing exercise that helps to cleanse the physical body, facilitate circulation and clear the mind.

Somatopsychic Healing Wave: This is a body-mind wave eliciting spontaneous movement when the patient becomes aware of a problem area. These movements release tension and allow the brain and spine the chance to reorganize new neural pathways.

The result of respiratory and somatopsychic healing waves are:

  • More vitality
  • Greater ease
  • A deeper well of resources to draw from to improve spinal health: holistic alignment, strength, resilience and awareness