While chiropractic adjustments are powerful tools to reset and restore the body, I wanted to offer my patients a deep transformation in their neurology, emotions, and behavioral patterns. When I experienced Network Spinal over 7 years ago, I knew a deep healing had begun. My body wanted to put better boundaries around behaviors that did not serve my highest good and it felt empowered like never before.


Through the many sessions of NSA, my posture had improved, my depression had lifted, and I had released old traumas of my childhood and even generational traumas that felt stored in my body. I felt so deeply connected to my body and I knew, this is the gift I want to offer to the world.


How did I accomplish this?


As someone also deeply connected to science and enjoying doing diagnostic testing, I was able to tag along with my functional wellness practice, such that I wanted to see how chemical markers in the body changed when we give the right protocol that was unique to each body along with network spinal care. I did not just want to change someone’s neurology and help their emotional wellbeing. But I really wanted to see the markers in their blood work improve and create a change that was tangible on paper.


How do we apply this to our work?


This led me to attract patients that had uncured diseases for many years and have not gotten much relief over the years. I never claim that I can cure anything, but I believe that the body knows how to heal itself, and when given the right tools, it can improve in unexpected ways. Over the years I have seen the most painful conditions improve and heal, I have seen people who were not able to get out of bed due to their fatigue, wake up with joy and energy, I have seen their blood work improve and reversed.


Not because I cured them, but because they took the right steps and I guided them in a direction in which the body was able to heal itself. A patient with Lyme disease was able to have their life back after many years of debilitating neurological symptoms and pain.


How we can get started together


I want to offer you the exact same fulfillment, if you are curious email us and I will get back to you. Remember there is no pressure with us, if we think you are a candidate and you like to give it a try we are happy to help you achieve your goals in natural health. If we think another modality may be better for you, we will certainly let you know. Find out what transformational health feels like- Book a visit with us today!