The Art of Eating

Healthful Eating is not about deprivation; it is about celebration!  There is no good food/bad food; there are only real foods with real ingredient!  Do not be hypnotized by artificial, overly processed, edible food-like products! Artificial foods use the vulnerability of our 5 senses and taste of sugar, salt, and fat, to manipulate our biology into insatiable overindulgence that never satisfies the body, food addiction, energy deficiency and disease!

The food you choose to put in your body has the power to unlock or limit your potential and productivity!  The following are my favorite recipes, and methods of food preparation to make your healing journey much more delightful! The is no rule or boundary regarding the distinction of breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I suggest you feel free to have your breakfast at dinnertime and lunch foods as snack and vice versa.

Just remember to eat your breakfast like a king!

Treat the recipes as a guideline, not the gospel! Add your own spin to it and have fun! Stand tall, play background music and smile as you add each ingredient, and take the time to make your food look appealing since we also eat with our eyes!

The most indispensable ingredient that will transform your dish into a masterpiece is love

Noshe Jan! Bon Appetit!