Our Approach

Your Healing Journey Starts Today

Dr. Tara Rasta combines Network Spinal Analysis (incorporating somato-respiratory techniques) and Functional Medicine to help you restore peak energy levels, correct poor posture, and assist the body in recovering from past trauma, and/or physical, mental, and environmental stressors.

NSA and Functional Medicine can help you better manage physical issues like:

Auto-immune disorders & low immunity
• Chronic Fatigue
• Hyperthyroidism
• Bacterial infections
• Poor posture

NSA and Functional Medicine can help you better manage mental issues like:

• Depression
• Addictions
• Brain fog
• Low confidence & low self-esteem

The Importance of a Healthy Brain and Spinal Cord

Our brain is like the electrical wiring for our entire body, with our spine acting as a fuse box. Every part of our bodies – the organs, muscles and connective tissue rely on the brain and spine to function properly. If one (or both) malfunction(s) in the form of a physical injury, or negative thoughts, feelings or emotions, the whole system can go awry.

To determine if you’re experiencing some sort of malfunction, or dysfunction, we assess you through our meticulous neurostructural examination.

Our in-depth process

The first step in our neurostructural exam is to conduct a postural analysis, thermography, EMG, and brain and metabolic assessment. Here, we may discover dysfunctions in your spinal structure or posture, as well as determine any somatic and muscular tension patterns, and determine any emotional and physical traumas to the body.

After we discover the problem, we work to help you solve the issues through NSA and Functional Medicine, which transform your well-being and clear any barriers hindering you from living your best life.

Increasing the body-mind connection with NSA

Self-awareness = the path towards good health

With today’s technology, we are often disconnected from our bodies, spending most of our time in highly unnatural environments. We sit and focus not on our body’s needs, but on computer screens, and we are often overloaded with information. NSA helps to restore the connection we’ve lost, teaching our mind and body to communicate holistically once again.

Because of the clearer communication between body and mind, patients of NSA become aware of the foods and activities that have a positive influence on their bodies and those that take a toll on their health. Their tolerance to toxins, drugs, high-glycemic index foods, and poor life choices are all drastically diminished.

This knowledge and experience naturally guides patients toward a healthier way of living and being. Once this awareness and experience is developed, Dr. Rasta begins the second phase of the program: Functional Wellness. This is an individualized program that pinpoints a patient’s deficiencies and dis-ease-causing foods, as well as promoting movement and mindfulness as medicine.

The science behind Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is based on the unique nature of each individual’s biochemical and genetic makeup. This means each individual has their own unique needs to become and remain healthy. Based on this, each patient receives personalized care based on their specific laboratory analysis and clinical examination. This includes diets, supplements, detoxification programs and lifestyle plans unique to each individual.

Transforming, not treating

The personalized approach of Functional Medicine is not simply focused on the dis-ease, but on the patient as a whole, transforming various aspects of an individual’s life. Health is not seen as a simple absence of dis-ease, but as an abundance of vitality.

Through Functional Medicine, Dr. Rasta helps her clients discover the driving factors in their condition, whether mental blocks like depression, or physical ailments like an auto-immune dis-ease, and then helps them transform their lifestyle to address their specific needs.

Rather than focus on the “what”, (“What is their medical diagnosis and what drugs can treat the symptoms?”), the major concern in Functional Medicine is with the “why”, such as “Why is this person experiencing these symptoms?”.

Focusing on People, not medical conditions

Functional Medicine does not treat medical conditions. Instead, Dr. Rasta works to support systems and biochemical pathways inside the body, helping to reorganize each to achieve optimal functionality for the entire individual.

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I am a firm believer in that we chose to come here to tap into our inner healing power and potential. My mission is to teach people to change their behaviors and patterns so that they can become their own heros, and reach greater wellness.

Dr. Tara Rasta