Dear Practice Member,

Welcome to our office and thank you for considering us in your quest for optimal health.
It is our pleasure to walk with you on this journey to discovering the full potential of your body and health.

In our office, you are not a patient, but a practice member.

Our work with thousands of Practice Members has shown us the following:

  • Healthy people with great lives have spines that are softer and more flexible than people who are experiencing illness or dis-ease. Healthy people also breathe better.
  • Network Spinal Analysis is for people who understand deep healing is a progression, and who are willing to work towards holistic health.
  • We do not offer quick fixes. Getting rid of the root cause of your problems will take time and your full and intentional partnership.
  • We do not have to be forceful; we work with you at your own pace to provide gentle care that creates life-changing results.
  • Relieving tension in our nervous system and creating a clearer brain/body connection is fundamental. It affects everything else we do for ourselves (diet, exercise, drugs, meditation, etc.). When there is less tension, our body and mind can function more effectively.