Most of brain stimulation comes from the spine. If stress or trauma cause a dysfunction of your spinal segments, it sends an alert to the body and a fight/flight reaction occurs. This is called defense physiology, which prevents relaxation and contributes to anxiety conditions or symptoms, such as: heart palpitations, racing thoughts, chest pain, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and emotional irritability.

Band-aid and temporary fixes

Medication, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation can be effective short-term strategies for dealing with anxiety. However, if the body and brain are not communicating properly because of a dysfunction, progress will be slow, resolution will be rare, and relapses will be common.
True Healing through addressing the root of the problem
Our approach is to assess and correct the underlying neurostructural dysfunction contributing to anxiety and any other secondary conditions. This uniquely helps the nervous system better adapt to future stressors, decreasing the body’s tendency to develop anxiety in the future. When we get to the root of things, we can resolve challenges, leaving us free to pursue an amazing life.