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Give Yourself a Break with Rasta Wellness

If you are like most people, you look forward to the warm sunny months of summer. While there is definitely a lot to love about this season, it also comes with a lot of yard work, cleaning, and other activities that can leave your body sore and worn out. If you are looking for a break from the physical and mental stresses of the summer, you need a rejuvenating experience at Rasta Wellness.

We offer a variety of treatment options to help you get relief from sore muscles, relax your mind, and improve your whole body. Our holistic approach will help to discover the root causes of all sorts of issues that could be leaving you in pain, tired, or otherwise just feeling worn out. Explore our special offers below to help ensure this summer is a relaxing one.

Functional Medicine Evaluation
& Customized Treatments

🌟Unlock The Path to Optimal Health🌟

Let us help guide you through a deep dive into your body’s systems to help to get to the root cause of your pain and imbalances. We offer a Functional Medicine Evaluation & Customized Treatment package that is tailored to your specific needs. This treatment package is $380 (a $580 value) and takes place over two visits.

When you schedule your treatment, we will give you a customized plan that will include:
– Non-invasive scans of your heart, nerves, and muscles
– A comprehensive evaluation of your brain, metabolic system, and overall health
– Two customized body treatments
– 20 minutes of vibroacoustic sound therapy
– High-tone power therapy session
– Personalized infrared sauna session

$580 $380

Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Package

✨Melt Into Ultimate Relaxation& Rejuvenation✨

Are you constantly plagued by headaches, stress, neck pain, and other chronic issues? If so, our 90-minute Cranio-Sacral therapy and 20-minute Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Package is an excellent option to consider. Normally $254, you can take advantage of today’s discounted price of just $199. This therapy session consists of two components:

 1. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) – This is a treatment option that is focused on releasing fluid movement to ease tension in and around your central nervous system. This is great for relieving pain and discomfort throughout yoru head, jaw, neck, and face while helping to improve your overall health and immunity.

 2. Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy – This is an advanced technology that takes advantage of sound frequencies to help your mind enter into a deepr state of meditation. You will enjoy the physical and mental relaxation that can help to melt away your stress, maintain inner balance, and improve mental clarity.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
& Infrared Sauna Package

🌸Boost Your Circulation & Immune System🌸

🌻Do you struggle with seasonal allergies, constant colds, or other issues? Our Lymphatic Drainage Treatment & Infrared Sauna Package is just the thing to help you find relief. This treatment is just $199 (a value of $254)!

During your 90-minute lymphatic drainage treatment, our experts will manipulate key areas of your body to help encourage fluid movement and reduced retention. Next the infrared saunt will help boost your circulation and restore overall balance. The relief you will enjoy from these treatment options can provide dramatic improvement from allergies, sinus issues, and much more.

Full Body Massage, Hot Stones & Vibroacoustic Therapy Package

🌟Say Goodbye To Tension & Stress🌟

Our luxurious 90-minute full body massages can provide you relief from stress and soreness, no matter the cause. Our experienced massage therapists will use hot stones to help melt away knots in your muscles and slow down your nervous system to help you calm your mind. 🥰

After a thoural pampering, we will help take you to the next level of relaxation with our 20-minute Vibroacoustic Therapy Session. In this treatment we will use sound frequencies to guide your mind into a deeper state of meditation where it can better harmonize with your body. This treatment package is normally $234, but can be purchased today for just $179. ✨

Detox & Rejuvenate Package
(Detox Massage &
Hi-tone Power Therapy)

💥Revitalize Your Body & Boost Your Energy💥

If you are the type of person who is constantly on the go (eitehr physically, mentally, or both) it is important to force yourself to relax and reset. Our detox and rejuvenate package is just the thing. You will work with a licensed massage therapist to enjoy a 90-minute session that includes lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, and cranium work to help eliminate toxins and facilitate fluid movement. 🌿

After the detox process, you will experience a 1-hour revitalizing hi-tone power therapy session. This will help to increase your energy production, support your immune system, and enhance overall circulation. Get this $300 value for just $249 today. 💚

Take Your Mind and Body to the Next Level This Summer

Regardless of what you have going on this summer, you always need to make time for a little self-care. Booking one of our customized sessions will help you to regain a sense of balance while also easing stress, pain, and discomfort from throughout your body. Don’t miss out on our discounted prices, book today! 💚

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