What kind of analysis technology is used?

Our approach involves using technology to collect data about the health of your nervous system so that we can observe and assess your neurological status.

It begins with a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis to look at the overall balance and capacity of the autonomic nervous system. This will allow us to see how much stress and anxiety is within your physiology.

This is followed by a surface EMG scan that identifies the areas of wasted postural energy, and examines your muscle tone and balance.

Thermographic scanning looks deeper into the spinal nerve centers that regulate the end organs and glands, which helps determine if your organs are functioning at their optimal level.

All of these non-invasive tests collect their data and compare the results to the ideal, well-adjusted patient profile. Adaptability directly correlates to the degree and ease of central neural function. In only a few minutes, an overview of the patient’s neural functional, postural and regulatory status can be measured and graphed. These essential images and scores confirm, to both the practitioner and practice member, how spinal alignment or misalignment are involved so that an objective care plan can be prepared and progress tracked at all stages.