Dr. Tara Rasta is a chiropractor who specializes in Functional Medicine and Network Spinal Analysis. Dr. Rasta’s mission is to help people break away from repetitive patterns that cause dis-ease, and keep the individual away from living their life’s purpose. Dr. Rasta’s approach to each individual’s health is multidimensional. She support their spine through network spinal, their biological pathways through functional medicine and their social networks by creating a community of people who want to become healthier together.

Dr. Rasta has her B.S from UCLA in Psychobiology and Neuroscience; she earned her doctorate in chiropractic from SCUHS and studied functional medicine as she was finishing her doctorate. Dr. Rasta uses Netwotk Spinal &  functional medicine as one of her tools to address the underlying causes of disease rather than focusing on the symptoms. This new branch of health care, addresses the underlying cause of diseases, using a systems approach and engaging both the patient and doctor. Unlike traditional medicine where doctors look at “signs and symptoms,” functional medicine goes far beyond and investigates the entire body for the “why” of the disease.

When the cause of the disease is located, healing and improved health can begin. You will receive patient-centered care, a comprehensive examination and a complete review of medical history with diagnostic testing (if needed) to aid in the evaluation and location of the cause of the chronic disease. Afterwards, a care plan will be designed to help start the road to recovery and awesome health.