How to restore healthy levels of testosterone in men?

More than 80% of men in America have below normal levels of testosterone. The real issue with low testosterone is losing skeletal muscle mass integrity, increase body fat and a fatigue that just won’t go away!


Based on the newest literature published in the journal of American college of Cardiology it was shown that testosterone levels above 550ng/dL is the minimal baseline where total testosterone was shown to guard against heart attack and stroke. 

 There are 4 factors that directly impact testosterone production:

  1. The stress hormone cortisol directly inhibits testosterone production in The Leydig cells of testicles. It is crucial to use nutrition and other methods to decrease stress levels.
  2. High insulin levels is inversely proportional to serum testosterone concentration. This means that if you are insulin resistance or have high levels of glucose levels or HA1C, which shows youe glucose levels for the past 120 days, you may be in this category.
  3. Cortisol activates Aromatase complex which may increases estrogen production and then inhibits testosterone production. 
  4. Insomnia and lack of sleep also inhibit testosterone production. Thus quality sleep is very important in your levels of testosterone.

How can you combat these factors?

  1. Supplementation with nutrients that decrease cortisol levels & increase antioxidant activities. This is going to depends on your medicatons, blood chemistry and other factors. However, Phosphotidyl Serine has shown some promising effects in lowering cortisol levels and Axanthine has shown antioxidant promising qualities in the leydig cells of testies.
  2. Low glycemic diet that is high in antioxidants rich foods. 
  3. High intensity exercise for at least 10-15 min/day 
  4. Pomegranate juice or extract which greatly impacts the ratio of testosterone and estradiol levels. 

If you are curious about your levels, make an appointment and let us order you blood chemistry panel that allows us to see your hormone levels, insulin status and inflammatory markers, so we can help you achieve results beyond all your expectations. Your health is your greatest wealth and certainly your hormone levels will determine your quality of life as a man!

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