How is Functional medicine different?

Functional medicine

Functional Medicine works on the premise that each individual is biochemically and genetically unique. Thus, each person in our office receives personalized diet, supplements, detoxification programs and lifestyle plan based on their specific laboratory analysis and clinical examination.

This personalized approach addresses the whole person, not the dis-ease.

We do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Instead, We support systems and biochemical pathways to reorganize and gain their optimal function.

The focus of functional medicine is on the patient as a whole, promoting health as immense vitality beyond the absence of disease.

We help our clients discover what may be the driving factors in their condition and help them transform their lifestyle to address their specific needs.

In Functional Medicine, we are concerned with “why is this person experiencing these symptoms” rather than “what is their medical diagnosis and what drugs match their diagnosis”.

Dr Tara Rasta

Functional medicine care plans will usually include making some changes in the patient’s lifestyle based on the diagnostic testing and clinical examination.

These changes are in nutrition, physical activity, stress management, exposure to toxic substances and additional factors.

These changes are designed to work with genetic makeup and work well in each individual patient’s environment.

Although individual genes may make a patient susceptible to some disease, lifestyle changes can help target these problem areas and drastically improve the overall health of the patient.

One functional medicine benefit is the active role patients take in their own care while partnering with Dr. Rasta.

Our patients are often surprised at the extensive amount of time our team spends with them, asking questions about their diet, symptoms, exposure to certain chemicals, family history, and prior illnesses.

Our patients appreciate the fact that our holistic approach stresses natural therapies that avoid the use of surgery or medication.