Is your mind disturbed? What’s underlying energy?

Science has shown us that everything in the universe has an underlying energy field made of atoms that once bound together, from molecules and ultimately manifest into the entire physical phenomenon.

Our body also has an underlying energy field and movement in this field creates our mental and emotional patterns. For instance, the dance of peptides and receptors in our body, allow us to experience different feelings, when serotonin binds to its receptors we may feel joy, or when dopamine binds to its receptor we may feel motivated and so on.

Regardless of how we describe this inner field, it is an underlying energy that flows in particular patterns through your inner being. People have referred to it by Qi, Shakti, Spirit, or Electrical signals.

Survival instinct

The most primal energy flow is the survival instinct, the day-to-day struggle to protect oneself. Since we no longer lack food, water, clothing or shelter, our survival instinct has gone through great evolutionary changes.

Although we no longer face life-threatening situations, most of us spend a great deal of our underlying energy to defend our self-concepts and self-image.  Suppose someone raises their voice at you or flips you off on a road, although this is not physically threatening, your heart starts to pump a little faster. This is the exactly what happens when rabbits hear a sudden noise, their hearts start to pump faster; they either freeze or run away.

Since it is not socially acceptable to run away to woods and hide like a rabbit, we tend to hide inside. We withdraw, close down and pull back behind our protective shields. What you are actually doing is closing down your energy field and centers, which creates blockages and stagnation.  Anytime a situation creates a disturbance in your inner being, you close down and put up a psychological protective shield. You know exactly how to close down to avoid being too receptive and sensitive to the different energies coming in and causing fear.

Release and let go

If you want to be free of your personal prison of fear and insecurity, if you want to grow and not live a stagnant life, you must be able to release and let go.  If you want joy, enthusiasm, and excitement in your life, you have to allow yourself to see all parts of you, even the parts that make you uncomfortable, this will allow all parts of you to become unified. Your mind is no longer divided into conscious and subconscious.

There is underlying energy pouring inside you, creating a ripple of thoughts and emotions, and there is the consciousness that is aware of it. This is how you watch the dance of your mind, the psyche that loves melodrama. Consciousness has the ability to “focus” and bring awareness to objects around you. 

For instance, through your own experience, you know that consciousness can be aware of a whole field of objects, or it can be so focused on one object that you are unaware of anything else. This is what happens when you get lost in thoughts. If you pay attention, you will see that objects are constantly passing through your consciousness in different levels, such as mental, emotional and physical.

When you are not centered, your consciousness gets attracted toward one or more of those objects, and your sense of awareness loses itself in the object/ thought. It is no longer aware that it is aware of the object, it just becomes the object. When you are lost in defensive, negative or depressed thought patterns or emotions, become aware of the thought and learn to let go of that energy. Begin to see the tendency you have, to protect and defend yourself. You will see that there is a very deep and innate tendency to close, especially around your wounds and soft spots.

Notice the people and situations that hit your stuff, become aware of how the people closest to you, like your husband, family, or children trigger your wounds. Notice how often you find yourself trying to defend those weak parts of you… Liberation comes as you stop protecting yourself.

You will be free to interact with people who you fear most, you will be free to live in this world without a problem on your mind. Every time a situation or a person triggers your wound, become aware of the change in energy and tightening of your muscles.

This is your cue that it is time to grow, and let go of the part of you that is holding you back to experience joy instead of fear.

Here are few simple exercises to help you let go and release

  1. Notice when your energy changes, when your gut tightens, when your heart pumps a little faster, and you become tense. This is the moment you take a pause. Bring your seat of awareness to the present moment and simply let go. When you let go, you fall behind the energy that is trying to pull you into it.
  2. Open your heart energetically and allow the energy to flow from your heart to the rest of your body. Let go of what may have disturbed your current energy state, remember when your thoughts start, do not go with them. Simply observe your
    psyche through your consciousness.
  3. Begin your breath work by doing stage 1, feel your body and focus on bringing your energy flow back to balance.
  4. Seek a Network doctor to help you let go of these bound up energy and release these blockages. Remember, if you aren’t centered, your awareness will follow whatever it catches. Bring your scattered energy into the center.

You may begin with small things. Let go of small and meaningless things that happen every day that bother you. If your kid yells at you or someone beeps at you, as soon as you notice an energy change, relax your shoulders and relax the area around your heart, and let go. Play with letting go and fall behind the sense of being bothered.

Tara Rasta D.C