How NSA improves neuroplasticity, thus enhancing creativity

Neurons in the brain – illustration
Credit: Benedict Campbell.

Neuroplasticity is the concept of how neurons that fire together, wire together. A practice member receiving entrainments will create new neural connections during sessions and overtime. This happens due to receiving entrainment contacts, on specific parts of the spine where we have a physical vertebral-dural attachment, also coined “Gateway” by Donny Epstein the developer of Network Spinal analysis. This sensory stimulus by the practitioner cues the brain to stimulate musculature to expand the lungs for a deeper breath (a respiratory wave) and stimulate body movements and oscillations (Somatopsychic wave). These patterns of sensory stimulus and a motor response are associated with self-regulation of stored energy “muscular tension”, a deep sense of relaxation, release of tense and painful emotions, and self-organization. NSA allows for the development of new neural connection or plasticity. The practitioner introduces a light force in a specific place that produces instability within the spine and musculature; this creates a new behavior in the spine that is practically different every time, which makes the experience novel to the receiver. A novel experience that allows for neural plasticity and self- organization of the body means greater flexibility, adaptability, and therefore creativity. The “ aha” moment is literally when new neurons fire and wire together!

Why is the novelty so important?

With age comes decline of neural plasticity for most people, for example, the younger you are the easier it is to learn a new language and speak it fluently without an accent. However, if you choose to do an activity that challenges your rigid beliefs, thought patterns, structural patterns, emotional patterns and so on, you gain a strategy to constantly develop new neural plasticity.  Bruce Wexler, a psychiatrist, and researcher from Yale University argues in his book brain and culture, that the relative decline in neuroplasticity as we age explains many of our society’s cultural and social behaviors. In childhood our brains readily shape themselves in response to the world, developing neuro-structural maps, which includes our pictures and representation of the world. These maps form the neuronal basis for all our perceptual habits and beliefs, all the way up to complex ideologies. Like all plastic phenomenon, these maps tend to get reinforced early on, if repeated and become self-sustaining. As we age and plasticity declines, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to change in response to the world, even if we want to.  We find the familiar type of stimulations pleasurable; we seek out like-minded individuals and we tend to Ignore, forget and discredit information that does not match our belief.

Less neural plasticity = more neural rigidity.

Now, what if you are able to enhance your neural-structure, enrich your self- awareness and create new pathways of being and thinking, would you experience a higher quality of life?

Are you a seeker for more than just an ordinary life?

Tony Robbins, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time keeps his ideas fresh and his spine healthy through Network Spinal as one of his tools of creativity.  Network Spinal will allow for greater adaptability in your behavior, structure, and perception. The greater flexibility within your behavior will allow you to overcome old patterns and have new strategies for your actions. The flexibility in your perspective will allow you to think outside the box, and have greater insights and lastly, the greater coherency in your structure literally allows you to have a good posture which results in greater learning ability, improved mood and breathing, and appearing more powerful!

If you are looking for more in life, more health, more energy, more awareness, more of your internal resources, more joy, more flexibility, and more neural plasticity, NSA has shown to deliver that to thousands of people!

Tara Rasta D.C