Mahsa Moradi

Dr. Rasta is a knowledgeable, caring, dedicated, and empathic doctor who has helped me through my journey of finding out what my body was dealing with and working on the issues by changing my diet, taking natural supplements, and attending few sessions of NSA. Dr. Rasta supported me through my entire journey by being available to me for all sorts of questions, concerns, and progress made towards my goal of becoming healthier and stronger and happier. Dr. Rasta not only helped me find out that I was having trouble with my thyroids, she helped me find out I was deficient in iron and explained to me how my iron deficiency and low functioning thyroids affect other parts of my body which helped me understand why I was suffering from other hormonal issues such as heavy and irregular menstrual cycle, fatigue, lack of ability to sustain my attention, increased appetite, inability to lose weight, slow metabolism and etc. I’m grateful I met Dr. Rasta as she continues to support me through my journey and inspire me to gain more knowledge about my health, body, and mind.