Kamran Mondegari

I had a very powerful session with Dr. Rasta. I can’t believe how amazing I am feeling after my 1st visit with this doctor. I had a really bad shoulder pain when I came to her office on Friday, and after the session Dr. Rasta put me on a bemer Mat and I received electromagnetic therapy for about 10 minutes, my shoulder pain was completely gone after that first session!
Another amazing result was that my energy level increased drastically right after the network spinal session. Despite the fact that I didn’t get much sleep the night before due to my exam. I felt like I had much more energy right after the session. I went from a state of energy poor and drain, to energy rich in a matter of 20 minitues. She did a breath work with me which allowed my mind to calm down, and then did a network adjustment. After the session I was able to study with a better focus with no more pain!! What Is amazing is that it was my first treatment and I felt the results right Way, although she said it may take few sessions. The treatment allows the wisdom of the body to take over and it’s very gentle technique of chiropractic.
I really appreciated her theraputic work, and highly recommended Dr. Rasta and her Network Spinal analysis technique.