Aurie Vochoska

I wish I could rate Dr. Rasta 100 gold stars. I never really intended to work with her. I was simply curious to learn more about the healing modalities of her practice. The minute I met with her, she knew I was suffering. Dr. Rasta is very sensitive to her patients suffering. I know this because I am similar. I had been prepared to tell her that I was really sick. That I was not imagining an illness.

I met with Dr. Rasta not really knowing what to expect. I had already visited my own GP and a few other physicians trying to figure out my mystery illness. Every lab test and exam would turn out “normal”. What could she offer me that was different? Well, first, she really listened to my health concerns. She seemed more like a detective than a doctor. She knew something was off. It had been a few years of me feeling horrible. Every single day, I felt sick. I had no energy. Everyday I felt like was going to faint. I had weakness all over my body. I was severely depressed. My will to live was on empty. As a mother to 3 young kids, I had to get better! My children need their mother. So here’s when the magic happened. Dr. Tara (detective Tara) instructed me to lab work. She knew exactly what to look for. It was unpleasant, it was a bit painful. I nearly passed out after the 11 viles of blood drawn. A few days later, I get a call from Dr. Tara. I meet with her. And she informed me of my results. There WAS something very wrong! There was a lab test to prove it. Thinking back, I think I was about to expire.
Dr.Tara put me on a cocktail of supplements. These supplements have changed my life! They have given me my life again. I am now functional, I can now be the mom I love being. None of the previous doctors I had seen had tested me the way she did. Why had my Harvard Med GP missed it? According to my GP, I was ok. I was just tired from all the work I do with my kids. I was told to relax. Why could he not find anything wrong with me? Why? My guess is that it’s the style of medicine. A functional Dr, like Dr.Tara spends time with her patients. A functional Dr asks questions. A functional Dr knows to treat the
whole person, and not just a symptom. I am grateful for the care I recieved, and I highly recommend Dr. Tara.